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CARTRIDGE 9.5x60R Turkish Mauser

One of the last regulation cartridges to have been designed with a black powder loading.


Cartridge specific to the 1887 rifle designed with the same case as the 11mm of the German mauser 1871/84 rifle of which the 1887 shares the same bolt head. The 9.5 therefore has the same base as the German regulatory 11mm big sister.

The bullet has a cylindrical-ogival shape whose head is flattened, in order to secure their storage in a tubular magazine by preventing the tip of the bullet from hitting the primer of another cartridge. This ball is laid out like many of its contemporaries.

The pad is used to limit the lead of the barrel and also to push the residues of black powder remaining from the previous shot.

The bullet weighs 18.2g loaded with 4.5g of black powder (1). The rare copies still in existence have an Osmanli marking: Mawzer, year (in Hegira) as well as a last marking that is difficult to understand...

There is also an armored cartridge as well as a blank cartridge in the same caliber. (1)

At the ballistic level, although already largely outdated from the first months of its design, the 9.5x60R cartridge proved to be quite effective throughout the conflicts  known to the empire (against armies very often equipped with totally obsolete weapons). Although theoretically, the ballistics of a 9.5mm bullet is superior to an 11mm (at least for the standards of the time), the small 9.5mm gun clogs much faster and the shot becomes too quickly hazardous.

A year after its creation, Germany opted for the 8x57 smokeless powder cartridge of its new Kommission 88 rifle, some of which were sold to the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman cartridge of 9.5 it, will be replaced by the 7.65x53mm Mauser with smokeless powder.

(1) Jean Huon, cartridges for rifles and machine guns ed Crépin Leblong

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Mauser 87 Turco 14.jpg

Box of 20 cartridges of 9.5x60R Ottoman with marking:

Almanya´da Karlsruhe şehrinde Almanya mâdenî

fişenk fabrikası mâmulatından dokuz buçuk milimetrelik ve Mavzer

sistemi muharebe fişengi aded 20 // sene-i rumi 307.

That is: German cartridges of 9 and a half Mauser manufactured in Germany at the Karlsruhe cartridge factory.

Box of 20, year 307 (1307 of the Hegira, i.e. year 1889 of the Gregorian calendar).

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