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Ottoman Mauser markings

Like the other German or export models, our Ottoman or Turkish models have unique proof markings punched everywhere.

For the models that interest us, it will be necessary to differentiate the Ottoman models from the Turkish models whose markings are very different for the same proofs.

The Ottoman Mausers have the distinction of having a compliance summary on their barrels. Clearly visible on the 1887 model but hidden by the stock on the 1890, 1893 and 1903 models.


Side view of a Mauser 1887 barrel. The different proof marks that can be found everywhere on the weapon are united on the barrel, this to surely avoid having to disassemble the weapon for verification once assembled.

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The same on a Mauser 1903 in the original caliber of 7.65x53mm. The barrel box assembly must be disassembled to access these markings. Same thing on the 1890 and 1893 models.


This marking is the most common. It certifies the good manufacture of a part. This marking is present on all parts.

coeur 1.jpg

Correct elevation adjustment. This marking is only present on the barrel with the summary marking series.


Proper mechanical operation. Present on the handlebar, trigger, trigger and bolt ejector.


Final inspection. not to be confused with crescent marking + star marking as on the trigger and the sear

infini 2.jpg

Fluid and consistent cycling of the cylinder head in the case. We find this marking on the front at the bottom of the boxes. (not to be confused with that of the chambering which strongly resembles it)


Compliant barrel chambering

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